Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is there anything else on?

“It’s two weeks every four years. Quit your whining.”

This is what my beloved husband says to me every time I have inquired about channel surfing the past week.

Is it un-American not to enjoy the Olympics? Am I a Commie?

If being American means valuing materialism then I am red, white and blue! I want another TV! A while back, John and I made a decision that we only needed one TV in the house. Having more TVs breaks up the family and there are only three of us.

I agreed. Silly me.

Now I am stuck watching every kind of rowing or skulling or whatever it is, sword-fighting, (I know it is called something else) diving and volleyball. Whenever I suggest to John that he doesn’t like or ever, ever, ever watch these sports in real life, he looks at me, scowls and says, “It’s two weeks every four years. Quit your whining.”

Now I will admit to loving two sports. Women’s gymnastics. Go Shawn Johnson! And swimming. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t recognize the name Michael Phelps. I let Noah stay up late the other night to watch the 8th gold medal race. We couldn’t help but cheer and give each other high fives.

Noah just finished a summer of swim team. He loved it. And sure enough, the other night he looked at John and me, quite soberly, and asked, “In 2016 I will be 17. Is that old enough to try out for the Olympics?”

After we said yes, he added. “I think I can beat Michael Phelps’ record.”

I love the Olympics and Michael Phelps for that. Inspiring 9-year-olds to dream and work for their dreams, well, that is worth the two weeks.

Yesterday evening I noticed John was watching Star Trek. I felt somehow vindicated that I had caught him being real and not some fake fanatical sports freak who has to watch every minute of those games in order to be American.

“Aha!” I said. “You are tired of it all, aren’t you?”

I smiled in victory.

He looked at me, scowled and pointed the remote to the TV. He flipped it to NBC and I saw that the local news was on.

I looked back at my beloved.

He said, “It’s two weeks every four years. Quit your whining.”


Megan DiMaria said...

Hey, Robbie -- I know what you can do instead of watching the Olympics-- you can write a book, or even read a book. Either way. It's fun, right?

A prisoner of hope,

Robbie Iobst said...

Megan, I live in a condo and although I do read and write in the evenings, I still hear the TV, glance over at the TV, am drawn into the TV. Not always. But sometimes. :0)

Danica/Dream said...

Ah Robbie, I hear you...

Robbie Iobst said...

Danica, I love being heard! :0) Doesn't happen a lot. :0)

Julie said...

You crack me up!! I agree with you. The gals at work takl about whats happening with medals and all and I just let them fill me in. I just really don't care. I know it's important to the athletes, but I don't really care.

Jan Parrish said...

I hear you. But, there really is nothing on anyway. It's still summer even though the kids are back in school. Just take out your laptop and blog while the men are watching their sports.

I've seen about one hour total of all the Olympics, though I loved what I saw. I'm a bookworm not a jock. It's just the way God made me and I will not apologize for it.

Kay Day said...

Is the dat on your blog messed up? Or is it just me? Because it very well could be me.

I have not watched a single minute of the Olympics. So if you're Red - so am I. My hubby is maybe even less interested than I am.

Kay Day said...

oh, wait - we can't be communists. I bet they are all watching the Olympics. We must be something else.

Kay Day said...

We are free thinkers that's what we are. We refuse to be drawn into the mob mindset. We do what we want. We are who we are.


Robbie Iobst said...

Julie - Not all of us are sports minded you know? But Shawn Johnson got a gold last night and I cheered so I guess I can't say I am totally against it all....
Jan - Good idea about the blogging. Maybe I will read blogs while the O's are on. That doesn't take as much brain power as reading a novel or writing a book.
Kay - To borrow a line from Braveheart - "They can take away our TVS, but they can't take away our FREEDOM! :0) You funny!

Ralph said...

It's two weeks every four years-- two weeks that we can come together as a country and support our fellow citizens participating in the Olympics. Sure beats the heck out of some of the election stuff I catch on the news.

dianne in colorado said...

I was really enjoying watching the Olympics until I saw men's water polo. If you have not been watching, you probably missed seeing a pool full of men wearing these funny little bonnets that tie under the chin! I've never seen such muscular men look so wimpy! I may never see men the same way again - the sight of those sissy bonnets is seared into my memory. AAARGHHHHH!

On the flip side, I totally agree with you Robbie - Go Shawn Johnson!!

Robbie Iobst said...

Ralph, You sound just like John. Fly to Colorado and take John somewhere to watch it with him. :0)

Dianne, I missed the bonnet wearing girlly-men! :0) Sounds amusing!