Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pithy, How Pithy

In a few hours, I will have my gall bladder removed. As I ponder this, it feels right to take a moment and pay homage to a trusty organ who is no longer trustworthy.
I warn you, have a tissue nearby.

Ode to a Gall Bladder

a poem by Robbie Iobst

Of late, this pear-shaped organ has given me so much pain,

But after today I tell you, never again.

For years it's faithfully been my storage locker of bile,

But now it holds only stones; this is not its style.

So it's time to say good-bye to my little friend of 45 years,

But there will be no bon voyage party, no toasts, no tears.

Next week when its somewhere in a lab, sitting on a petri dish,

I will have moved on, to a restaurant that serves fish.

So let's just part quickly without a scene and with no hugs,

In fact, let's just hope and pray the hospital gives good drugs.

Ode to a Gall Bladder

A poem by Robbie Iobst

Feel free to memorize this and recite as led.

It is, after all, a lot less words than The Highwayman.


Desha said...

Brava, brava, my friend! T.S. Eliot would have wept.

I know it'll be hard to move on alone, but take comfort in the fact that there are other organs that need your love, too. This will be a brand new beginning for all of you.

P.S. I'm praying, praying, praying for you. Keep me posted.

Kay said...

*sniff *sniff

You can ask them for the stones -- for mementos. Make a bracelet out of them. Or maybe a necklace.

Prayers for a good surgery and speedy recovery.

Jan Parrish said...

LOL. Oh, what a great idea. Do you think Dr. Gill still has them? You can give a few away with each book purchase at your nest signing.LOL.

Robbie you are such a hoot. What a joyful, wonderful spirit you have! You are like a ray of sunshine spreading joy wherever you go.

Praying for you, especially tonight. Love you!

Danica/Dream said...

So glad it's coming out. I've been thinking of you.

Robbie Iobst said...

BTW, I just got the news that I am up for poet laureate of organ verse. Thanks for all the well wishes. The Bear has left the forest. The Eagle has flown the coop. The gall bladder is officially out! YAY! I am at home right now extremely weary and enjoying the modern miracle of good drugs. I will try not to blog too much while high as a kite, but hey, could be entertaining!

Jan Parrish said...

Robbie - you have an award on my site.

Jan Parrish said...

I tagged you on my blog if you're up to playing. :)

Danica/Dream said...

So glad it's out, you're home and all is well.