Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why not believe and risk?

What is your dream this Christmas? What do you want to accompish? Can it happen? WHY NOT? With all the pessimism in the world, let's be optimistic about the inklings God has given us and run with them. It takes belief and risk.

Paul Potts was a cellphone salesman who decided to take a chance and enter Britain's Got Talent. This took belief and risk! Watch the following video and be inspired. And by the way, he won the whole thing!


Bradylake Man said...

Holy Moley!!

Zoinks & then some!!!

Do you know what words he sang?

The song is Nessun Dorma and he sang
"No man will sleep, no man will sleep{the title of the song}
Then: But my secret lies hidden within me, no-one shall discover my name!"

What a treasure hidden in him eh?
I was greatly inpired and sent your blog to 50+ folks and am already getting "OH MY GOSH" responses. Way to go Robbie!!!

Matthew 13:44!!!

Anonymous Bill

Jan Parrish said...

Awesome. I loved it.

Check out my blog and the picture with Anita Renfroe.