Monday, February 07, 2011

What if I'm not WILLING to eat healthy?

Some days I just want to eat. I'm not talking "eating to live" but "living to eat." Whether it be wanting to not feel pain or overeating out of a bad habit, some days I just want to eat.

I prowl around like a wolf looking for prey as I search out the frig or pantry. I sit and ponder where I want to go for lunch.
Again, hunger plays no part. Nutritional needs are not eve a passing concern.

I just want to eat.

On those days, the best tactic I can take in the battle of the bulge is a simple prayer. "God, make me willing to be willing."

I picked up this prayer in a 12 step group and though I don't attend that group anymore, I still use what I learned, including this prayer.

God is big enough to change our focus. He gently lifts our heads and causes us to look in a different way. But He never forces a change in attitude.

Ergo, this wonderful prayer. When I just want to eat, if I pray "God, make me willing to be willing," His Spirit gently nudges me away from my stubborn bondage to food and reminds me that there is another choice. I don't have to just eat.

I can receive the strength God offers and find myself willing to make healthy choices. HE causes me to be willing to be willing.

Try it. This works. He works.


Anonymous said...

Golly - that picture of the hamburger sure looks good! Mmmm. Unwillingness is rebellion. Simple as that. So just look at what a rebellious and big waisted people we've become! God make us willing to be willing, indeed!

Jan Parrish said...

Now I want that hamburger.

Great insight, Robbie. One day at a time. If you fall down, just get right back up again.

Kay Day said...

Such a wonderful prayer. It helps in so many different situations, too.
I find myself unwilling to go to Iraq as a missionary. Yet, I want to be willing, should God ask that of me.
And yes, I frequently find myself unwilling to put down the fork. But I am willing to be willing, I just need HIm to take me around that final bend.

Cheryl Barker said...

Love that we have a Father we can call on for anything and everything. And you're right, Robbie -- He works!

denise said...

I love that prayer. I intend to use it often.

"...for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose." ~Philippians 2:13