Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me and drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delights in me.” Psalm 18:16-10

Yesterday I fell down in the snow. I slipped on ice and went flying through the air, landing on the side of my left hip. I landed hard and it jarred me. I’m fine now, but at that moment, it hurt something awful.

My first winter in Denver, four years ago, I fell three times. The next year, I fell once. Since I bought snow boots, I’ve never fallen. Until yesterday.

I hate falling. I feel embarrassed and klutzy. And it hurts.

Let me back up and tell you that during this last year of 2010, I lost 50 pounds. I’ve much more to lose, but this is a great start. Unfortunately, I fell off the “band wagon” during the last two weeks of December. I chose to celebrate with food, but I put no boundaries on it. What began with a little sugar here and there, ended with eating anything that wasn’t nailed down last weekend. Needless to say, I’ve now lost 40-something. :0)

My overeating was like falling down. Having no boundaries with my food caused my footing to be quite slippery and then I went flying through the air and landed on chocolate cake. And a coke. And some cookies. It hurt.

Yesterday when I fell, I was surprised because I had on my trusty snow boots. I was on the way to a friend’s house and when I got in the car, I felt the shock of hitting the cement. The phone rang and it was my friend Loretta. Of course, upon hearing her voice, I started crying. But not just about falling into snow, but also about falling from that wonderful place where I took care of myself. I bawled and said things like, “I just don’t like who I am right now, Loretta.”

Loretta, an angel in disguise I’m sure, said to me, “Well, maybe God made you fall down to get your attention.”

I cussed her out and hung up. :0)

Not really. We went on to talk about the process of getting back up. And that’s what is important here. We all fall down, be it in trying to discipline ourselves, or in trying to follow Christ or in trying to submit to our husbands or bosses. We fall. But if we allow Him, our wonderful God is there to extend a hand and pull us up.

This morning, I utilized a present I received at Christmas. I put on these things that wrap around your tennis shoes and give you cleats so when you walk, you don’t slip on the ice. The cleats grip the ground. At first I was skeptical, but then security came, and Scooby and I went hard, walking until both our tongues were hanging out.

I got up. He pulled me up. And He brought me out once again, into a “spacious place.” A place where I can once again live in freedom and make choices that honor Him and me.

He delights in you. I hope you know that. And if you’ve fallen down, look up. His hand is waiting.


Cheryl Barker said...

Robbie, I think it's terrific that you lost almost 50 pounds last year! And I also think it's terrific that we have a heavenly Father who is always willing to help us back up when we've fallen. He's helped me many, many times. All the best this year as you continue your healthy journey!

DenaNetherton said...

Isn't it great that God's grace covers every fall? I'm a diabetic, too, and I've been trying to get lots of weight off. I fell hard during the "cookie" season, but I'm back on the weight-loss journey. Let me encourage you, Robbie: each time we fall, we learn something more about how not to fall next time. I'm praying for your journey!

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Cheryl! I receive your encouragement of "All the best!" and say Amen and back at cha! :0)

Robbie Iobst said...

Dena, I love your words here! God's grace does cover every fall. I didn't know you were a diabetic, but now that I do I'll pray that your journey, like mine will be one that is in step with Jesus. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Jan Parrish said...

Oh Robbie, you've done it again. I was laughing and crying all at the same time.

I fell last week. I was cruising along in my faith when I heard the news that I'd need more surgery, I crashed. Then I needed a second surgery and I got mad. But God picked me up and gave me a hug, he lifted my face up and he gave me hope, again. Now I feel much better.

So, I do get it. And, I think I need some of those things for my shoes too!

Love you!

Robbie Iobst said...

Jan, I am praying for you and your surgeries You have been through so much - SO MUCH - and as you attest to, the Lord loves you and keeps holding you close. I love you friend. The cleat thingies are amazing. Like God's grace! :0)

Kay Day said...

At the doctors yesterday I discovered 20 pounds that I didn't have last year. Ten of those probably came in the last two months.
It's so tempting to just stay down and get comfortable. Maybe make a little nest and wallow around a little.
It's so much easier than getting back up.
But I'm with you. We can do this!
Love you!

Donna Weaver said...

Robbie, I enjoyed following your posts about your weight loss, as you were loosing your 50 pounds. Your journey has been such an inspiration. I think your new blog idea is awesome. I enjoyed reading todays article and look forward to hearing many more of your success stories. God's grace is sufficient and He always knows exactly what we need (even if it's a fall) to get us back on the right path. Will be praying for you... keep up the good work!

Robbie Iobst said...

Kay, I know all about wallowing. I think I'm an expert wallower. :0) It's good to have a friend that is on the same journey. :0) Love you!

Robbie Iobst said...

Donna, thank you!! Comments like yours encourage me so much to keep writing and keep looking to God. We are in this together! :0)

Red Bridges Home said...

"He delights in you. I hope you know that. And if you’ve fallen down, look up. His hand is waiting." - He does delight in us, doesn't he? Even when we're flailing around in snow banks. I know snow banks well, and he's always there to help me out of them. - I love reading your posts Robbie - congrats on the weightloss -- Blessings, Deana

Hilary said...

This was a great encouragement to me! I stopped taking care of myself over the holidays too, and I have felt that "I don't like myself right now" feeling often... It's a good thing God likes me whether I like myself or not. :-)

Robbie Iobst said...

Deana, I am going to steal your phrase "flailing around in snow banks." :0) I love that! And I feel it as I read it! Thank God we are always a source of His delight!

Robbie Iobst said...

Hilary, that last sentence was profound. "It's a good thing God likes me whether I like myself or not. :-)"
Amen and thank you!