Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want More out of Life? Try this ONE THING...

“Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

Have you been alone with Christ this week? By that, I mean have you focused on God when no one else was around?

If not, then let me put it simply: You are missing out.

We get so busy with our lists of to-dos we forget to take time for the One who gives us guidance and strength to accomplish the to-do lists.

I’ve known Jesus since I was a young girl. My relationship with Him has had its ups and downs. I’ve ignored Him and adored Him. I’ve run to Him and away from Him. He’s let circumstances brought on by my actions humble me, sometimes painfully.

However, in the last five years my relationship with Jesus has changed dramatically. It’s deeper and richer and much more rewarding. Why?

It’s NOT because:

1) We joined a new church.

2) We moved to Colorado.

3) I joined a Bible Study.

4) I started writing Joyvotions.

5) I began speaking regularly.

6) John’s accident, the joys and trials of Noah or Scooby, my faithful dog.

7) Good or bad times in our marriage.

8) I have wonderful Christian friends.

So why has my relationship changed? It is because of ONE thing.

1) Time alone with my King

What used to be a quiet time of reading and praying has now become a lifestyle of making a PRIORITY to be with Jesus alone for an extended period of time. I regularly make an appointment to sit at Christ’s feet and listen to Him. Sometimes it’s for an afternoon; sometimes a day and sometimes I go to a cabin at a retreat center and seclude myself with Christ for a weekend. (These are called WAAGs – Weekends alone with God – a habit/behavior I learned from my brother Phil and his ministry Caleb’s Heart – )

It’s changed me. And why wouldn’t it? If we put aside the phone, internet, TV and people and hang out with God, of course, we will be changed for the better.

I encourage you to do this. MAKE TIME. If you need have no idea how to go about this, email me and I’ll give you the hints I’ve learned.

You want more from your life? Spend time alone with the King.


Jim Marr said...

Amen Robbie!

Call me crazy when I can get my calendar from you up in Lone Tree to save postage, but I keep forgetting to do that on the Tuesday night meetings. Looking forward to getting it in the mail. Thanks for the reminder to get alone with God and I pray He will speak to each of us in those quiet times!!


Robbie Iobst said...

Absolutely Jim! He's amazingly faithful, isn't He? :0) I will put your calendar in the mail tomorrow morning. Thank you!