Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Walked a 5K!!

After a summer of walking and a few weeks of preparation for this specific event, I walked and completed a 5K race last Saturday, September 11th. This is something I never thought I could or would do. But God gave me strength to get out of bed many mornings, put on my walking shoes and head out the door. Because of Him, I found the perseverance to set a goal and complete it. Here is a pictorial journey of a great day!

John took this picture in the morning before I left. The shirt says Cherry Creek Fitness Festival. I have owned many shirts with the words "Cookie" and "Ice Cream" on them,but this was my first shirt with thword "Fitness." Notice Scooby at the bottom of photo. Having been my training partner,
he wanted to go too but I had to tell him no.

My sis-in-law Lory picked me up and we went to the event.
First stop, pick up our numbers. (The fitness people call them bibs.) :0)

I was number 572!

What a sweet surprise! I ran into Chris Richards, a friend from 
my writing group, who was also walking in her first 5K!

We're ready! I told Lory that when the race started she should
feel free to run or walk ahead of me. She told me she came to
support me and was going to stay with me the entire way. What a great friend!

We passed these guys and I began saying out loud, "I'm not going
to need you. I'm not going to need you." :0)

The Fitness Festival had a few booths to facillitate
 the fun feeling. How's that for alliteration?

Smoky Hills High School Band played the national anthem.

There it is! The Start!


We're off!

I can do this!

We'd just rounded a corner, and I noticed there were
many folks behind me. This was a surprise to me. A nice surprise.

When we neared the finish, Lory said, "Let's finish strong!" So I
jogged the last part. She ran ahead by the finish line to take my Rocky
picture. Can't you just hear that music? :0)

I finished in 54 minutes!

Lory and I after the race - Victors!
We never know what we can accomplish until we try!


Red Bridges Home said...

You did so great! I've been dying to hear about it, and now I know. That is so cool. I've been avoiding 5K under the guise of 'I'm too competive' but you know, I really avoid them because I'm afraid of my time. Very encouraging post Robbie -- You must feel awesome. ((Hugs))

Robbie Iobst said...

Thanks Deanna! I do feel awesome. It is wonderful to do something you just didn't think you could do. Thank you Jesus! :0)

Kay Day said...

I'm so happy for you!
I'm sitting here with a grin on my face.

WAAWG Man said...

WHO is that gorgeous #383? Hubba hubba. I'd run a 5K after her!!!

Robbie Iobst said...

Kay, thank you so much! Your encouragement and that of others really helped me not quit! :0) I like that I made you smile!

Robbie Iobst said...

Ummm...WAAWG Man...Bradylake Man...listen. Keep your hubba hubba off my blog. :0) You married a wonderful woman, brother.

Erenan said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to do something like this. Maybe I'll do it someday. Good job!

Robbie Iobst said...

Erenan,(Luke) YOU would totally rock at this. If I can do it, believe me, you could probably run it. And it is fun! Thank you for your encouragement!

denise said...

Well it isn't any mystery who the WAAWG man is! You did a great job, Robbie, and I'm so proud of you. I think I would have fallen over with in 5 minutes, I'm so out of shape. You've inspired me. (and way to go, Lory!)

Robbie Iobst said...

Thanks Denise! I tell ya, if I can do it, anyone can! :0)With a lot of leaning on Jesus!

Paula said...

This is forever way cool! And so was your devo!

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Paula! Coming from you, THE devo writer :0), that means a lot! :0)

a mom in the 'burbs said...

YAY! Congrats, congrats, congrats! You've inspired me to maybe start exercising more consistently! Go girl!

Robbie Iobst said...

Melissa, I meant it when I said I want to have lunch with you. I need to pick your brain. That's kind of a violent expression, isn't it? :0) Anyway, thank you!