Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Silly Christmas Video!

WARNING: The following video could change your life!

I hesitated posting this because

a) The camera adds 25-100 pounds - this is scientific fact, people!

b) I sang this at my Words for the Journey Christian Writers party - so many of you writers have already seen this.

c) I am not a singer. Does the internet world really need another sad reject of American Idol?

I post this because

a) My silliness is cause for a laugh. And since I won't be watching you watch this, I will not be able to hear if it is a real laugh or a pathetic "what was she thinking" laugh.

b) I have a secret longing to be Kareoke Champion of the World!

c) If you can't laugh at yourself and invite people to join you, ulcers come. I don't want any ulcers.

So enjoy :0)


Megan DiMaria said...

What fun!

You know, of course, that you're now the official ballader of WFTJ!

A prisoner of hope

PS: This video really is sweeping the Internet. Well, maybe sweeping is too big a word. Perhaps "reaching in a small scope" might be a better way to describe it. It's on my blog too, and it's only a matter of time before it's known world-wide.

Loretta said...

You've created your own new job at WFTJ! You serenader you! Congrats!

Love it!


Danica/Dream said...

Ah Robbie... you are amazing.

Jan Parrish said...

Great ballad Robbie. Thanks for sharing. Great times.

cj marley said...

Oh my.

cj marley said...

It's a good thing our Lord said to make a "joyful noise" . . . .

Robbie Iobst said...

Thanks CJ! :0)

tonya said...

You are so funny, Robbie!
And yes, the world needs your joy!

dianne in colorado said...

I love it! I am so sorry I had to leave the party before I got a chance to see this live.

Your fun songs are a highlight for us now!

Momstheword said...

Oh Robbie, that is so fun! That is the meeting I should have been to, not the one where you were full of mucus :)

deborah said...

you are amazing...still so funny...i remember many a memorable time of "robbieverses" it!

Julie said...

What talent! A writer and a musician! I wont comment about the singing, because you are still much better than I am. I love that you can have fun. I can only so that around very few people. And you are also a goof. A fun goof.

Bradylake Man said...

Wow Sis!!!

I laughed and cried--it became a part of me.

Great looking guitar.