Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Last Post until the 1st Tuesday in January

Dear You,

Thank you for reading my blog, whoever you are out there in blog-dom! It is nothing short of a thrill to put my insignificant yet God-given words out there in the web world. Because of the site meter I put on my blog, I have been able to see that I have gotten 1200 hits so far since I began blogging Tuesdays and Thursdays in September. THANK YOU! I have gotten over 2000 page views. If anyone knows the difference between a hit on my blog and a page view, can you let me know?

Also, I get to see the location of people reading. What a kick it has been to see that people all across the U.S. plus Argentina, Japan, Bulgaria, Russia, France, Spain and England have all hit the mouse to come check out what I have to say. Humbling and wonderful.

I need a break to work on some other things - (blogging can be addictive so I might join a recovery group - Hi, my name is Robbie and I blog)- so I am going to take some time off. I will be right back the first Tuesday of January so please come back and keep reading. I am SO GRATEFUL to each of you.

May the God of all goodness and gifts bless your Christmas with joy and true reflection!

Blessings and I'll see you in 08!

Robbie Iobst


Danica/Dream said...

Have fun Robbie!

Jan Parrish said...

Merry Christmas! I will miss you on the blogosphere! See you in 2008! (((h)))

Kay said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog!

I want to know the difference between visits and page views, too.

Jan Parrish said...


Here's the scoop on hit vs. page views. I am visiting your blog today. But I only have 5 min to spend on your blog, so I read your post and comment and move on. That's a hit. Now, say yesterday I spent a while poking around your blog. I saw that I'd already read your post 'cause you are on sabbatical, so I read 5 of your older posts. Now going to your blog is a hit, looking at 5 different posts is a page view. So yesterday I gave you a hit and 5 page views. I hope I've explained this O.K. If not, email me. :)

Love you!(((h)))

Jan Parrish said...

Hey, where are you? We miss you. Hope you are doing OK.